About Us

About Us

About Us

In this  age,  where there are  many options to choose from healthcare services and choosing a doctor or hospital is the hardest decision of all, we have collaborated three major components at MMC.


We stand for quality medical care at affordable prices. We  promise to listen to your needs and give you the time you deserve. We are devoted to our patients, their families and the greater community.

Who Are We ?

MMC is a chain of patient clinic, oriented towards providing unparalleled patient experience  specially designed to address various specialty and super specialty clinical care requirements. General Medicine, Pediatrics, Rheumatology, ENT etc. are the patient requirements that we cater to .


MMC would lead in the service industry by practicing reliable, compassionate and affordable medical care employing advanced diagnostic treatment practices  for promoting  super  patient experience and patient well being.


MMC is committed to provide appropriate affordable, superior quality, compassionate patient centered care services for the greater good of the community.

To attract the best talent in specialty and super specialty disciplines of patient care  and retain this talent pool to ensure  excellence in service.


Respect- We will serve our patients and their families, physicians, staff and communities with dignity and respect.

Diversity- We will serve the ever-changing needs of our urban and suburban populations, while honoring their ethnic, religious and cultural differences.

Competence-We will apply a high degree of medical, nursing and technical management in a professional and accountable manner.

Cost Effectiveness– We will develop and participate in community-based and managed-care programs that promote affordable, responsible and high-quality health care.

Excellence – Consistently strive to provide the highest quality patient care and to out do the benchmarks made

Communication – Open communication that fosters collaboration team work and transparency